30+ CSS3 Hover Effects You should be Familiar With

Applying hover effects on the images, links or text is one of the most common CSS techniques. Traditionally, the common hover effects include underline, changing the text color etc. Most of the websites used these hover effects.

However, as various web technologies have advanced, the basic things of the internet have changed too. And the hover effect is not an exception here. With latest technologies like CSS3, LESS and SVG images, we have seen some dramatic changes in the hover effects.

These latest techniques offer lots of unique, surprising and entertaining hover effects for various web elements. Some of them changes the opacity of the image, while some other apply various uncommon effects on the text and images.

In today’s post, I have collected 30+ cool CSS3 hover effects. As all of these hover effects are available with the code, you can easily add them in your website or other web projects. Let’s see which they are, shall we?

1. 10 Stylish Hover Effects

As the name suggests, this is a collection of 10 incredibly stylish hover effects. Among them, the coming, piano, beat and wrecked are notable.


10 Stylish Hover Effects

2. Direction-aware Hover Effect

This is an amazing CSS3 hover effect with a unique effect. As you hover through the items, the hover effect actually follows your mouse direction and creates an amazing 3D presentation.


Direction-aware Hover Effect

3. Wacom Hover Effect

Despite being a common hover effect these days, this effect still has its appeals. The presentation is simple but attractive.


Wacom Hover Effect

4. CSS3 Hover Effects

If you are looking for some circular CSS3 hover effects, here are some interesting effects for you. There are 12 different effects in total.


CSS3 Hover Effects

5. Hover Animation from UNIQLO

This is another interesting hover effect. With a continuous flow, this effect is perfect for thumbnails or other image types.


Hover Animation from UNIQLO

6. Button Hover Effects

And here are some impressive button hover effects for you. All of these effects are elegant and perfectly usable for any type of website.


Button Hover Effects

7. 10 Stunning Hover Effects

This is another set of 10 different CSS3 effects. Most of them are pretty impressive. And some of them will definitely make you say wow.


10 Stunning Hover Effects

8. CSS3 Hover Effects 2

This is a collection of four different hover effects for images. Each of them reveals a title and a description along with the effect.


CSS3 Hover Effects 2

9. Bounce on Hover

This is a fun and interesting hover effect for images. The border bounce could be perfect for team members, testimonials images or other circular images.


Bounce on Hover

10. 8-bit Hovers

This vintage style hover effect will definitely remind you of the old days. You can use this efefct to provide a retro look to your website design.


8-bit Hovers

11. Simple Title Hover Effect

Despite the name, this effect is not simple at all. This effect reveals the title with a small opacity once you hover over the image.


Simple Title Hover Effect

12. Flip Down Effect

Here’s another of those simple but really attractive hover effects. Hovering over the image reveals the title and description with a smart flip down effect.


Flip Down Effect

13. Curiosity Award

Unless you hover over this image, you will not understand the beauty. The seemingly haphazard lines nicely transform into a logo and then it gets the color too.


Curiosity Award

14. Image Hover Effect

I have to say, this is an incredible image hover effect. The way it reveals one image from another, it’s simply unbelievable!


Image Hover Effect

15. Hover Animation

While this is a simple hover effect, it still looks impressive. Hovering over the image applies a little opacity and puts focus on the link.


Hover Animation

16. Hover Me Brother

This might not be a very useful hover effect, but it is definitely a fun one. Just hover over the sunglass and the magic begins.


Hover Me Brother

17. Nautilus SCSS HAML Hover Effects

This is a seriously creative hover effect. You should try all of these effects. They offer some unique opportunities for your images.


Nautilus SCSS HAML Hover Effects

18. SVG Border Hover Effect 1

This unique bordering effect will work on text, button or images. The gradual buildup of the border is really an interesting effect to see.


SVG Border Hover Effect 1

19. Hover Search Map Icon

Looking for a way to add hover effect for your search and/or map icon? This is the solution for you. The seamless transformation is a pleasure for the eye.


Hover Search Map Icon

20. Social Icon Pane

This hover effect could be effective for hiding your social media icons initially and then show them once the user hovers.


Social Icon Pane

21. Product Item Additions Info

This could be an excellent way of providing additional information about the products in your e-commerce site. Hovering over the product image reveals the information with a nice effect.


Product Item Additions Info

22. Animated Envelope

And here’s the perfect hover effect for the contact us section. This animated envelope effect displays the contact information in the flap of an envelope, but only after the visitor hovers over the image.


Animated Envelope

23. Back to Top

This unique back to top hover effect enables you to replace the traditional button and provide your visitors with a nice, animated button.


Back to Top

24. Fancy Hover

This fancy hover effect actually comes with two effects. Other than enlarging the image, it also change the view frame by hovering over the image.


Fancy Hover

25. Reminders Icon Hover Effect

Inspired by the OX Yosemite video design, this effect adds a beautiful effect to the specified image.


Reminders Icon Hover Effect

26. Circle Image Hover

Here’s another hover effect for applying to circular images. There are four different hover effect styles in this collection.


Circle Image Hover

27. Safari Icon Hover Effect

Also inspired by the OS X Yesomite, this hover effect recreated the animation of the safari icon. You can easily replace the icon with custom image or logo.


Safari Icon Hover Effect

28. Simple Button Hover

This is a simple hover effect which could be applied to both buttons and images. The light glow will definitely increase the appeal of your images.


Simple Button Hover

29. 3D Photo Fold Effect

If you run a photo sharing or image directory site, this could be a necessary hover effect for you. Hovering over the image will fold the image in a funny way and display some additional options.


3D Photo Fold Effect

30. 3D Thumb Image Hover Effect

This is a truly unique hover effect for your images. This effect flattens the image once the visitors hovers over it.


3D Thumb Image Hover Effect

31. Background Change CSS

This interesting CSS3 hover effect changes the background once you hover over a button. With a bit of creativity, you can easily use this effect in your existing site.


Background Change CSS

32. Direction Aware Hover

And here’s another direction-based CSS3 hover effect. This effect adds a slight opacity to the images once they are hovered over. And they follow the directions too.


Direction Aware Hover

33. SVG Hover Animation

This beautiful-looking hover effects look very interesting. The real animation and the scalability of SVG images have made them perfect for any type of website.


Hover Animation


So, these were my picks for the 30+ best CSS3 hover effects. What do you think about them? Which one(s) do you like the most? Let me know in the comments.

And if you have any other CSS3 hover effect which should be included in this list, don’t forget to share the link with me. i will be glad to take a look.

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