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25+ Dark Web Designs That Will Inspire You

Selecting the perfect color(s) is one of the crucial steps in the design process of a website. The colors used in the design can create specific emotions in the visitors and set the expectations for them. If you are looking for an unconventional, unique and a different look than the mainstream websites, you can consider applying the dark design concepts in your website.

The use of dark designs will help you in focusing more on the content. Therefore, these layouts are perfect for creating portfolio, product gallery or design related websites. As dark web designs are not that common, it is less likely that you will find inspirations for your next dark design layouts from regular websites. For that reason, I have decided to make a collection of the websites that are based on dark designs. And here you go. I hope this collection will bring some new ideas for your next project.

1. Ryan Mulford

Ryan Mulford

Being the website of a professional designer, this was bound to be an attractive website. Ryan Mulford increased the look by choosing a dark layout for his portfolio site.

2. G. Jezarian

G. Jezarian

Despite being a jewelry website, G. Jezarian has dared to break out of the traditional design concepts and to adopt a dark design. The result is an astonishing website.



This is a website which lists apps designed for Pebble smartwatch. The dotted dark background and white icons complement each other in a nice way.



Though the website does not feature a dark layout exclusively, the dark slides included in the front page sideshow are enough to include this in our list.

5. Cyril Masson

Cyril Masson

This is the website of a photographer – Cyril Masson. The website adopts the dark design concept very well. The font selection goes nicely with the concept too.

6. New Jumo Concept

New Jumo Concept

Featuring excellent parallax effects, this website also makes use of the dark design concept in an attractive way. Despite being a minimal website, it still looks premium.

7. A Book of Beards

A Book of Beards

This interesting website features the beards of a man. And with the beard, it has successfully created a dark website. This weird-looking website is about a book actually.

8. Tokyo Mild Foundation

Tokyo Mild Foundation

And here’s a website which has created a dark layout by using black and white photographs. Each photo is also provided with a cool hover effect.

9. Whisperism


Another beautiful example of dark web design, this website displays black and white videos in the front page. As you scroll down, the video fades down slowly.

10. Andrew Burdin

Andrew Burdin

It seems dark design has some followers in the portfolio sites. Andrew Burdin’s website features a nice looking dark layout. Unlike most others, the whole website follows the dark layout.

11. Design + Code

Design + Code

Here’s one website which dared to use another color other than white in a dark design. The hover effect on the ghost buttons are attractive too.

12. Dunckelfeld


And here’s your proof that a dark layout could also be created without using black or various shades of black. The mystic look of the front page looks very cool.

13. Image Conscious

Image Conscious

This is an excellent example of applying dark design concepts in building the company website. The simplistic front page looks both professional and soothing.

14. Mammoth Media

Mammoth Media

Featuring the waves in black and white, Mammoth Media’s website includes all the necessary links in the front page without losing the interest of the visitors.

15. DGA


Diehl Group’s website is designed based on the dark design concept. The large fonts and relevant images help the company to deliver their messages easily.

16. V3RS


This interesting website makes full use of the dark web design concept. While the menu is hidden by default, it is revealed once you move your mouse a bit.

17. Vool


This is the website for a wooden stand manufacturer which applies a dark layout. The use of multiple colors and the font looks very nice.

18. Long Story Short

Long Story Short

Despite the name, the website of Long Story Short is quite long. However, it uses the dark design concept in an attractive way.

19. Visage


You might argue that this website is not using a dark layout. I agree that it does not follow the traditional dark designing concept. However, I still think it does not fit into the regular category either.

20. Umar Sheikh

Umar Sheikh

I bet you haven’t seen a lot of scroll effects like the one that is provided in this website. And did I mention that this website also features a dark design concept?

21. Davey Heuser

Davey Heuser

Davey Heuser is an UX designer. He has decided to design his website by using the dark designing trend. And I have to say it fits nicely in his website.

22. Dino Zamparelli

Dino Zamparelli

Here’s the website of a racing driver who dared to use a dark design concept in his website. The speedometer and the design of the menu button indicates that this is a special website.

23. Monk Design

Monk Design

This portfolio website uses the dark design concept to put the focus on its work. The hamburger menu icon reveals the menu in a really unique way.

24. Laurent Perez

Laurent Perez

Laurent Perez is a French music composer. And his website is totally based on dark design concepts. By using the his instruments as the background images, he succeeded in making his website an interesting one.

25. Steve Studio

Steve Studio

Talking about portfolio websites, this is another of them featuring the dark design concept. All the menus of this website is provided with a subtle hover effect.

26. Stoos Customs

Stoos Customs

With its dark slides and the accompanying design, Stoos Customs’ website will grab your attention at the first chance.

27. Distillery


And if you are looking for the perfect example of a dark design layout, look no farther than this website. Is it possible for something to be anymore black than the background of this website?

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