20 Free HTML CSS3, jQuery Add To Cart & Product Galleries

These days people are more inclined to utilize the e-commerce website at a great rate which in turn is requiring the small businesses as well to go online. This wide acceptance of E-commerce website or online shopping is really a great idea from everyone’s point of view such as the customers and the business owners. While customers can save their time and effort through it, business owners can earn huge revenue as online store remains open 24/7 hours thus offer enough opportunity to the customers to shop in their convenient time.

So, starting the online shop for your retail business is no doubt a great idea that can make the shop live all through the day even though the physical store is closed. However, many might be scared to go online thinking it will incur them some great amount of money. But opening an online store is not a big deal these days and it will take just 15 minutes of your time for the whole set up. Even there is no need to hire any developer as well to start the e-commerce website. The things that you are required to have are a domain, hosting service, a theme or template and a shopping cart. That’s all.

A shopping cart is must have in the website that let the users collect their product with ease. First impression is always the last impression and most of the business owners get engaged in tweaking their homepage while they totally ignore the importance of product page. But showcasing the product and allowing users to collect them in the more efficient way is really vital that will ultimately increase the conversion rate. So, some of the best Add to cart and product galleries plugins are listed here utilizing which you can see a great end result in your business.


Quick Add To Cart

Quick add to cart is one of the best name to include in this list that is compatible with all browsers and allow users for easy customization of the products right from the product gallery. Loaded with tons of features this plugin minimizes the steps required to buy a product by adding the ‘quick add to cart’ panel.  Here the experienced users can directly choose and buy the product from product gallery without breaking the whole process.

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Quick Add to Cart css3

3D Items Quick View

Do you want your visitors to discover more about the product staying on the same product page? Then this one is best for you that is a 3D animation for the gallery items. What happen normally is when a user click on a specific product from the gallery, he is redirected to the single product page but this is not the case here rather users can view a slide show of the product in the same page. This feature is hidden by default and once the users start hovering over it, they will be able to enjoy the CSS3 and jQuery powered slider for each and every item.

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3D Items Quick View

Product Preview Slider

Another best idea to increase the conversion rate is employing this Product review slider that showcases the products in the product gallery in more details. That is numerous product images of a single product are available in the product gallery along with displaying you the variations. For example, if a product is available in different color, you do not have to go to the single product page to see it rather it can be easily enjoyed from the gallery as well which is really interesting.

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css3 Product Preview Slider

Product Card with Image Slider

Product card with image slider is equipped with a stunning slider that showcases the same product in variations such as color. Also you do not have to navigate to the single product page in order to gain more details such as sizes, colors etc. rather everything is available on the same page. So, get this one in your project and make it more profitable.


Product Card with gallery css3

Product Listing With Cart

This is another powerful add to cart and product galleries that let the users collect every detail about a product right from the gallery along with the price. Also your visitors can simply add the product to cart directly from the product gallery without moving to the single product page that can save time and effort of the visitors and they will be much happy to see your website again and again.


css3 Product Listing With Cart

Zoom Effect for Gallery

Want to add the zoom effect in the product gallery itself? Then you are at the right place as this is the one that can help you implement this in your project. Yes, Zoom Effect for gallery let your visitors look at the product closely by zooming it in and out right from the product gallery. So, the steps to know more about product is reduced here that can make users more happy and they will love to visit the site again for buying something more.


zoom effect for Product Gallery

Shopping Cart Dropdown

This is no doubt a very useful feature to add in your e-commerce website that create a shopping cart drop down which is helpful in case your visitors do shop more than one product at a time from the same site. Prices for the products are added in the shopping cart drop down and you will be finally charge the total price altogether which is quite interesting.


Shopping Cart Dropdown css3, jquery

Simple Add to Cart with Checkout

This Simple add to cart with checkout adds the add to cart button right in the gallery, so your visitors can shop from there itself and once they are done with selecting the items and adding them to cart, the check out button take care of the rest job. This feature can no doubt enhance the conversion rate with ease as visitors are required to go through less steps to complete their shopping.


css3 add to cart

Animated info for Buying Product

This is a stunning feature to add in the website which let you do everything for buying a product from the same page. It consists of options such as choose, pay, wrap and ship the product in a single page which reduces the complexity that the visitors are required to go through in order to buy any product. So, no doubt this is a good choice that will enhance the profit by increasing the conversion rate.

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Fancy animated info window for product

Awesome Product Gallery & Shopping Cart

If you wish to get both the things together an awesome product gallery that is equipped with shopping cart in the gallery itself, then it is the ideal choice for you. Users should not redirect to other page in order to buy any product rather they can do that from the gallery itself once they like it. It also contains one more option ‘add to wish’ which is really advantageous to the customers.


awesome shopping cart in html5/css3

Product Listing Animation

Another interesting plugin to include in the e-commerce project that provides an amazing animated product listing which is much easier to handle by the users. It will definitely enhance the conversion rate thus you can see a stunning end result. So, go ahead to download it and employ in your business website to feel the magic.


css Product Listing Animation

Product Layout & Effect

Want to have wonderful effect in the product gallery? Do not miss out this plugin which is equipped with powerful features. Add to cart button is available in the gallery itself so for that your customers should not move to any other single product page. Along with this another useful feature is the product comparison. Yes users can select the products one by one and then compare them to choose the better one in the same page.

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Product Comparison Layout css

Filterable Product Grid CSS3

This is a product grid layout that is fully responsive. This is featured with touch friendly Flickity galleries and a filter functionality that is powered with isotope. Here each and every grid item contains a flickity image slider, and a small cart icon says that you have added an item to the shopping cart before. Isotope filter functionality is another interesting thing to be enjoyed by the users.


Filterable Product Grid css3

Product Slider with smooth Animation

Want to provide your users with another level of great experience? You should then definitely download and employ Product slider with smooth animation that is a very smooth slider of products. So, to examine one product more closely you should not go to the single product page rather just a click on the slider will represent the next item in front of you. Really helpful one, so you can consider using this to bring a big difference in the site.


product slider with smooth css animation

Cool Slider with Sequence.js

This is another sliding effect to use in the project. The effect is really eye-catching and users are required to click on the product shown below or else just a small click on the slider will get the product before them. If you want your users to enjoy something very unique while they do shopping, this is the thing to go for that.


full screen product slider in html5, css3


Animated Product Menu

This is all about product menu where the menu is beautifully crafted and users can select the brand, size and colors beforehand which is helpful to the users who are looking for something very specific when it comes to color and brand. Also it changes the look of the product page beautifully to attract a huge customer base.


css3 animated product menu

360 product viewer – HTML5 Canvas and JS

360 product viewer let the users see the product fully in 360 degree which is a very interesting matter and it can efficiently amaze the visitors as they enter into the site to buy something after seeing it entirely. Employ this plugin in the project and definitely it will enhance the conversion rate by its amazing effect.


360 Degrees Product Viewer in html5 css3

360 Degrees Product Viewer (Css, jquery)

When it comes to any highly expensive product, people generally prefer to go for a virtual experience if they are inclined to buy it online and this is where this 360 degrees product viewer comes in great help. This resource fills the gap between users and their product by providing a virtual tour of the product. So, why not impress your customers by employing this resource in your project?

DemoMore Info / Download

360 Degrees Product Viewer css3

Horizontal Drop-Down Menu

This is the horizontal drop down menu where users can choose the option just by clicking on it and they will be presented with lots of options, so that they can go for the one they need. This resource is very helpful in e-commerce website that provides an easy navigation to the novice and advanced users.


Horizontal Drop-Down Menu css

Image Gallery & Product Zoom

One more interesting resource that contains image slider while zooming is also possible at the same page to see the product more closely. This is really beneficial to the users who are short of time and want something that requires them to go through less possible steps for buying any product. It looks really stunning that is enough efficient to impress the visitors.


css product zoom effect

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